How to Perfect Your Pet Selfies

shutterstock_465796652We’ve all seen those immaculately dressed dogs on social media. You know the ones, they are the perfectly poised pups who perfected the duck-face long before you even knew what a “selfie” was and have more followers than you could ever hope to. Sometimes they’re smiling wide, or lounging provocatively, or sitting up human-like, but no matter what they happen to be doing in the photo, they’re looking straight at the camera like they’re getting paid to pose! I don’t know how many times you’ve ever tried to dress up your dog, let alone point a camera at him afterwards, but most of the time he’s not having it! Not sure how to take a selfie with your dog? Whether you’re trying to become Instafamous or just get a cute family photo, here are some pet photo tips for getting your pooch to pose for that IG-worthy shot.

shutterstock_471910502The tennis ball phone attachment

When selfie sticks and forward facing cameras are all the rage, it only makes sense that the pet attachments would follow suit. One of the original pet selfie assistants was the tennis ball phone attachment. The big green ball clips onto the top of your cell phone so your pooch looks excitedly at the eye of the camera while you smile and snap away. Genius!


shutterstock_462560137Bring treats

Fancy gadgets are great and all, but you could always do it the good old fashioned way by using treats. A strategically placed treat can be a total game changer when taking dog selfies. You could try balancing it on top of your phone like the tennis ball, or get a friend to hold the treat up while clicking away on the camera. Of course, if you’re just taking photos of the pup and not yourself, you can leverage the treat for all sorts of poses, from play dead to sit and stay.

shutterstock_495644236Play first

To get that million dollar smile from your pup, have a rowdy play session first! Get your pup’s heart rate up with a quick, energetic game of tug of war or fetch. Sneaking in a little exercise before the photoshoot will get your pup to perk up her ears and smile wide for that #tongueouttuesday grin! Don’t play too hard though, because if she’s exhausted, she’ll likely rather lie on the cool, tile floor than pose for your camera.

shutterstock_189909905Get a tripod

If you don’t have another person willing to do the dirty work for you, a tripod can be your very best friend. Not only will you get consistent, shake-free shots, but you’ll be able to set your camera at whatever height, angle or strange spot you’d like. There are tons to choose from too, from little and cheap to monstrous and expensive ones. There are even highly adjustable octopus-looking tripods that have flexible legs that can wrap around a tree branch or pole if that helps secure the shot. This is the easiest way to get sweet candid shots of you and your pooch. Be sure to switch to the self-timer, multiple shot setting on your camera so you have time to get situated before it starts clicking and you have plenty to choose from.

shutterstock_529083103Camera remote

If your camera is equipped for it, a remote can be another game changer when using a tripod. Not only will you not have to run from the frame to the camera between each shot, but you can even place yourself out of the frame and cue your pup from various angles getting those shots you’d never be able to capture from behind the lens.

shutterstock_526548775Shutter speed

When it comes to photographing pets, it’s important to accept that motion is an obstacle you’ll face. Those pups are not going to want to stay still, and even when they do, chances are that tail will still be going full speed ahead. Set your camera at a higher shutter speed to better capture this motion, but be sure you have plenty of natural light to work with too since this setting will not capture nearly as much light as a lower shutter speed would.

shutterstock_238355515Take LOTS of photos

For every beautiful photo, there are tons of less-than-perfect tries that came before and after. Don’t settle for one or two clicks. In the digital film world, there’s no need to be stingy with your photo taking. For the best chances of getting a great dog selfie, take lots of photos for each pose you try. You can, and probably should, delete all the outtakes afterward.

shutterstock_522332236Be patient

Taking photos of or with pups is not an easy task. It’s easy to get frustrated and want to give up, but remember that your furry pal has no idea why you’re making him wear human clothes and stay still while your black box makes funny noises. Be patient and know that as time goes on, it’ll become easier to capture your beautiful doggie moments.

10 Ways Dogs Are Better Than Humans

We all know dogs are the best, but here are all the ways dogs are superior to humans.

Pretty much every dog person out there knows that when it comes down to it, our K9 friends are superior to us in almost every way. From their unbridled excitement the moment your keys jiggle the door handle to their extraordinary cuddling skills, dogs know exactly how to steal your heart every single time. Here are just 10 ways dogs are far better than humans.


1. Dogs never judge

In a world where even Netflix tries to shame you for binge-watching trashy TV shows for five hours straight, your dog is cuddled up next to you with nothing but love in his judgement-free eyes. He loves when you drive through McDonald’s (can I haz a French fry?!), he’s ALL about that solo Saturday wine night in, and he cares zero percent that you skipped the gym for the 12th week in a row.

shutterstock_4033124982. Dogs are ALWAYS happy to see you

Even if you scolded your pup for chewing your shoes or knocking over the trashcan just an hour beforehand, there’s no way to contain his whip-like tail wag and Pointer Sisters-level excitement at your triumphant return to the front door.shutterstock_329612270

3. They never bail, reschedule or make plans without you

As far as your dog is concerned, you are the king of the world and what you decide to do is the best decision ever. Whether you want to go running in the rain, take a car ride to the grocery store or lie on the couch, your dog is down no matter what.  shutterstock_296922116

4. Your dog LOVES your cooking

It doesn’t matter if the smoke alarm is going off and your place smells like a bonfire while trying to cook lasagna, pups still think you’re a culinary genius. They’ll beg, whine and cry for those charred noodles baked with love and they’ll be forever grateful if you simply let them lick your empty plate.shutterstock_511325281

5. You don’t have to impress them

Your dog doesn’t care that you didn’t shower after you ran six miles (“YUM! Your legs are delicious!”) or if you’re wearing the same PJs on Sunday that you were wearing Friday night (“Wow, mom! You look beautiful!”), they are easily and infinitely impressed by everything you do.shutterstock_524212318

6. They’re not worried about germs

Even if you’re bedridden with pneumonia, your dog will jump right up onto the bed with you and lick your congested face like it’s nothing. They don’t think twice about the soiled tissues all over the carpet or the constant sneezing.shutterstock_528200398

7. They don’t hold grudges

Dogs love you unconditionally no matter how mad you get at them for pooping in the living room or chewing your favorite Jimmy Choos. You can raise your voice or forget to let them out in the morning, but it will take no time at all for them to jump right back onto your lap with full forgiveness.shutterstock_518769835

8. No adventure is too small

Just taking your dog on a car ride to get gas is a wonderful adventure worthy of tail wags and face licks.shutterstock_317003540

9. They always know how to comfort you

There’s never that awkward, “I’m at a loss for words,” moment with dogs that occurs with humans. A dog is man’s best friend because dogs don’t have any reservations when it comes to comforting their humans at a time of need.shutterstock_409294558

10. They are happy to clean up your messes

When was the last time you dropped crumbs all over the floor and your human friends came over and started cleaning it up for you? Dogs have those messes covered.

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5 St. Patrick’s Day Accessories Your Dog Needs

Dog lovers know that holidays, no matter how big or small, are never complete without getting the furriest of family members involved. Any excuse to dress up your dog, right? In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we rounded up 5 of some of the cutest, must-have St. Patrick’s Day accessories for your pups to wear.

1. The Knitted Leprechaun Hat


This masterpiece of a leprechaun hat was knitted with love by the folks behind the Aegean Drawn Etsy shop, and if your dog looks even half as handsome as this golden retriever does, consider yourself lucky. The shamrock on the side is such a nice touch.

2. The Golden Clover Collar



These gorgeous St. Patty’s Day-ready dog collars, created by the Sewciopath Etsy Shop, are super cute without going over the top. Sure, some dogs are down for an orange beard and green sweater, but sometimes your dog just needs to subtly say, “Kiss me, I’m an Irish Setter.” These collars are only $9 a piece, and you can even add gold hardware for an extra $4.

3. St. Patty’s Day ID Tags


If there was ever a time to bling out your dog’s collar, this is the day. With people overindulging in every direction, you can’t be too careful. Give your dog’s ID tag some festive flavor with these cute charms from the Bad Tags Etsy Shop.

4. The Green Bowtie Collar


Perhaps your dog is more of a dapper gentleman that a boisterous party animal. In that case, this classy houndstooth bowtie dog collar from ThePetalAndBow Etsy shop is the option for you.

5. Rainbow and Gold Outfit


If you’re the whimsical type, this overt rainbow and gold dog shirt is the perfect option, especially if you’re celebrating St Patrick’s Day in a snow storm. A rainbow shirt is definitely the best way to keep your furry friend warm, but be careful–they’re always after your lucky charms!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Here’s Why Your Dog Food Isn’t Enough



Just like people have very specific dietary needs and restrictions, your dog’s nutritional needs cannot possibly be lumped into a one-size-fits-all bag of dog chow. When it comes to properly caring for your pup’s health, supplementation is crucial and, when done correctly, can save you time and money in the long run. Here are 4 problems with dog food and why its missing the mark.


Every Dog Is Different

Imagine forcing your gluten-intolerant sister, your peanut-allergic son and your iron-deficient BFF to all eat the same food each day. It would not be a pretty sight. They would not only be unhealthy, they’d probably be pretty angry at you too. Your furry friends are the same way. Each dog has specific needs, and if you’re simply feeding your pooch generic dog food every day, they’re missing out on crucial dietary elements.


Not All Kibble Is Created Equal

Many high-quality kibble brands and healthy dog food do contain many of the nutrients dogs need to maintain a healthy balance. However, others are created with tons of fillers and low-grade ingredients we would never find acceptable in human food. Since the pet food industry is run by the same folks who run the human food and agriculture industry, plenty of corners are cut for the sake of saving money. Check the ingredients carefully, and note that the Association of American Feed Control Officials require that ingredients are listed in order of weight, so the most predominant ingredients will be listed first. Be sure to check the ingredients and avoid formulas that contain high amounts of:

  • Artificial ingredients including flavors, colors and preservatives
  • Meat or bone meal of an unspecified source
  • By-product meals
  • Soy and corn fillers

The best dog food formulas will contain:

  • At least one whole meat or meat meal – chicken meal, beef meal, turkey meal, etc.
  • Whole, unprocessed grains from one or more sources


Nutrition is Key

Improper nutrition can lead to behavioral issues in addition to discomfort for your pup (think itchy skin, allergies, dull coats, joint problems and more). Not everyone has the funds to feed their dog a raw diet or cook gourmet meals, but one way to decrease costs without compromising your dog’s health is to supplement their diet with the nutrients they’re missing out on each day. With the proper vitamins, minerals and nutritional elements, all in an easy to administer formula, you end up saving money while giving your K9 friend the chance to feel fabulous.


Your Dog’s Needs Change

Nutritional needs vary from breed to breed as well as from stages of life. Here’s a breakdown of some of the best supplements to fit your dog’s dietary needs so they feel their best at each stage of life:

  • Puppies – K9POWER Puppy Gold – For growing dogs, proper nutrition is key to allowing them to be healthy puppies and grow into strong, happy adults. Like most mammals out in the wild, pups nurse off of their mothers for many months providing them with nature’s perfect formula for growth, but traditionally we send our domesticated puppies to their new homes at just eight weeks. Weaning them off of breast milk too early certainly isn’t a death sentence, but it’s definitely not ideal. Puppy Gold is formulated just like a dog’s breast milk with bioactive proteins, micellar casein and colostrum to help them transition smoothly to a commercial diet while also providing immune system boosters like lactotransferrin to avoid infection. You can even feed the pure white powder to your sweet puppy with or without additional food.
  • Expecting Moms – K9POWER Puppy Gold – Just like puppies benefit from the Puppy Gold formula once they’re out of the womb, pregnant dogs as well as their unborn pups will reap the benefits of the formula as well. Supplement your expecting pup’s food with Puppy Gold to produce big, healthy puppies and a strong, healthy mom by supplying essential nutrition to grow puppies and produce milk without exhausting the reserves in her muscle and bone mass. Not only will she feel better and recover quickly after giving birth, but she’ll look fabulous as her coat shines throughout pregnancy.
  • Adults – K9POWER Show Stopper – Your full grown dogs may need a little extra lovin’ when it comes to their itchy skin or dull coat. That’s where the Show Stopper supplement comes in. Show Stopper is formulated with top-of-the-line human grade ingredients like coconut oil, olive oil, egg, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins C and E to make your dog’s coat shine and skin feel great. It also contains an optimized blend of fibers, digestive enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics to aid in your pup’s digestion.
  • Adults and Seniors – K9POWER Joint Strong – If your dog is super active or getting older, hip and joint pain is likely going to creep up due to inflammation, but there’s no reason to let your pup suffer or spend hundreds of dollars on various cures. Joint Strong is a miraculous supplement that eases joint inflammation with a unique blend of plant antioxidants, omega-3s, glucosamine/chondroitin/MSM/CMO and hyaluronic acid. This combination fights off free radicals, increases joint flexibility and lubrication, and helps build cartilage to keep your dog jumping, running and playing catch without pain throughout the years.
  • Seniors – K9POWER Young At Heart – As your dog ages, many of the compounds that abound in his youth decline, decreasing joint and brain function, muscle mass and cellular activity. The Young At Heart supplement is made with different nutrients for dogs, such as amino acids, vitamins, probiotics and phytonutrients, that can help reverse the effects of aging by fighting muscle loss, increasing metabolic rate, and improving joint, mental and eye health.   


5 Ways To Speak Your Dog’s Love Language

Show your dog how much you love him in a way he understands!


Dogs are arguably the most lovable creatures this world has to offer, and they’re constantly showing their humans love. Whether it’s tail wagging, face licking or couch cuddling, your dog intuitively knows your love language. Dogs are champs at wearing their hearts on their sleeves, but do you know how to show your dog the unconditional love he shows you? Here are 5 of the best ways to make your dog love you.


1. Consistency

It may seem like a special treat to bend the rules every once in awhile for your pup, like letting him jump on the couch on his birthday or feeding him human food from the table when you’re feeling extra loving. This sort of thing comes naturally to us since breaking the rules for us is fun and exciting, but it’s actually pretty confusing for our furry friends. Sticking to the routine is one thing dogs like. It’s comforting to your pet, so by being consistent you’re actually showing your pup the love he craves!


2. Touch

Dogs are definitely the touchy-feely types. Cuddling up, scratching behind his ears and rubbing his belly are great ways to remind your dog that he’s loved. Even regular grooming like brushing or extra massages during bathtime is great bonding time. Not only will your pooch appreciate all of the physical touch, but you’ll also show your care by checking for any abnormalities on his body.


3. Body Language

Paying attention to your dog’s body language is a great way to look out for him. While most pups are into cuddles and belly rubs, not all dogs like being hugged or patted on the head. Some pups are wary of meeting strangers too, so you can show him love by letting other humans know what is and isn’t comfortable for him.

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4. Food

The quickest way to your pup’s heart is through his stomach. Most dogs think food is the greatest gift they could ever receive, so on special occasions, giving your dog an extra treat, like K9POWER’s delicious and healthy Carnivore Cookies, is a quick and easy way to say, “I love you!” To give your dog a special treat every day, add K9POWER supplements, such as our K9 Power Show Stopper, to your pup’s food. Your dog will not only love the taste, but he’ll be receiving essential nutrients to make him feel great with every meal.


5. Say it Out Loud

Many studies suggest that dogs understand a lot more of what we’re saying than we realize, so go right ahead and tell your pup how much you love him! It may feel silly at first, but it won’t be long before saying, “Bye! I love you! Have a great day,” before you leave for work each morning becomes second nature.


10 Tips For Running With Your Pup

Running with your dog is a gratifying experience for you and your pup!

Pounding the pavement with your pup by your side can be an incredibly motivating and mutually beneficial activity. Dogs are made to run, and with their boundless enthusiasm, what’s not to love about a K9 running companion? The positive effects of training with your pup on both human and beast are numerous, but there are some precautionary steps you should take to ensure your partner is feeling as pumped up on endorphins as you are by the end of the workout. Here are 10 tips for running with your dog.

shutterstock_2292056231. Start Slow, Build Gradually

Not all dogs are natural born runners, but that doesn’t mean your pooch can’t complete that 5K with you! Just like it took time for you to build up your stamina, you have to let your pup go at her own pace and improve with time. If your dog has never run with you before, you should start with a 10 to 15-minute jog and increase the time by 10 minutes each week evaluating your dog during and after the workout. Slowly building your mileage together will help prevent injury to both parties! On the other hand, some dogs are sprinters to the core and have no idea how to pace themselves or even slow down enough to stay with you. Even these high energy dogs may run out of steam after a couple miles, so again, start off with a shorter distance and slowly build up to those goal distances. This takes time and patience, but with the right training (and gear), you’ll get working out with your dog down.


2. Get The Right Leash

Training your dog to behave well on a leash is a pretty important factor to becoming successful running buddies — if he’s great on his leash when you walk, chances are he’ll transition to running pretty easily. Even if he’s not perfectly trained to stay at your side every time he’s on a leash, there is still gear you can utilize to make running easy and painless! Try using a body harness instead of a traditional collar so if he does start to pull, it doesn’t put potentially harmful pressure on his neck (which can also create eye pressure) and it encourages him to focus and not jump or pull. Be sure to use a short leash as well; the more leeway a pup has on a run, the more likely they are to trip you or passersby.


3.  Pick a Good Route 

Once your running buddy has built up the mileage and you’re confident she can go on a longer run with you, be sure to pick a good route that doesn’t take you super far away from shelter. Any number of factors could affect your dog’s running ability, and you certainly don’t want to be stranded three miles away from your home if your dog starts to overheat, develops a limp or otherwise can’t make it all the way back.


4. Check The Weather

Even if you’re used to running in the middle of the day with the sun beating down, take note that your dog is covered in hair and doesn’t have the cooling mechanism (AKA sweat) that we do. Your pup’s primary way of cooling off is by panting and cooling off paws, so it’s incredibly important to not expose your dog to elements he can’t handle. Remember that his paws are touching that hot concrete over and over again while your feet are protected by layers of rubber. The same goes for extremely cool temperatures as well! There are plenty of paw protecting shoes you can put on your dogs, but be sure to test them before going on a run as many dogs find these shoes very bothersome.


5. Bring Bags!

Running jars the bowels and gets them moving, so whatever you do, don’t forget the poop bags! Watching your dog relieve herself in the middle of the sidewalk with people everywhere and no bags in sight is one of the worst feelings. You would hate to step in a stinky pile on your way to work, so be cautious so you don’t ruin someone else’s day!


6. Doggie Water Bottles

If you’ve ever tried to get your dog to drink out of your water bottle, you know how difficult it can be, but running with a dog bowl plus water bottle plus leash is just too much unless you have a backpack. Invest in a doggie water bottle with a fold out dog bowl to make sure your pup stays hydrated during, not just before and after, your run. You could also plan your route strategically to make sure you’re hitting a dog water bowl every couple miles whether it’s a park fountain or a doggie boutique that offers free refreshments outside the shop.

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7. Extra Hydration in Heat

For extra hydration, energy and quick recovery for your pooch, try K9POWER’s Go Dog supplement. This water soluble powder contains electrolytes for dogs (the good stuff that helps you perform when you drink sports drinks), short-burst/long-range energy fuels and buffering agents that help neutralize metabolic acid (H+) build up (the stuff that slows your pup down). Go Dog acts like a dog energy drink to help keep your dog in the performance safety zone and ensure your run doesn’t include any lies-down-and-refuses-to-move stops!


8. Pay Close Attention

Running with headphones in can definitely make a run fly by, but it’s a good idea to skip the noise cancellers, especially on the first few runs with your dog. It’s important to pay close attention to your dog as you’re running. With clear ears you’ll be able to hear any whimpering, and of course if you notice your pup limping, lying down in shade, or slowing down significantly, don’t force anything. These are all signs to take it easy and possibly go back home to avoid possible injury.


9. Recovery Mode 

After a run, help your dog recover by letting her rest in a cool place and adding K9POWER’s Super Fuel supplement to her food. This formula is specially designed to support muscle recovery from exercise and reduce overtraining injuries as well as soreness after vigorous activities. It also has immune system support and provides optimal nutrition for dogs who are not necessarily competing in doggie muscle man competitions.


10. Check for Fleas/Ticks

Trail running and hikes are amazing ways to bond with your pup on your jogging adventures, especially since many trails don’t require dogs to be on leash. Be sure to check your dog thoroughly after a hike for fleas and ticks, and bathe your pup if you suspect he may have been exposed to poison oak while out in nature.

Tips For Traveling With Dogs

Everything you need to know about traveling with your dogs, whether you’re driving or flying!


The decision to bring or board your furry family members while traveling is a tough one unique to each person and the needs of their pups. If you decide boarding is the right decision for you, be sure to read our tips for a great boarding experience here! If you’re lucky enough to be traveling with your pets this season, read on for some tips for traveling with a dog, whether you’re driving a couple of hours or flying cross-country.



If you have a small dog and a far off destination, flying with a dog is usually the best option for traveling with your pup. Most airlines allow you to bring your dog on the plane as a carry-on as long as they are in a carrier and fit the size requirements. This is ideal since you can keep them close and comfort them if they start to get anxious. Big dogs are a little trickier to bring on planes as many airlines have deemed transporting animals in the under carriage unsafe. Be sure to check the rules and regulations regarding dog travel for your airline thoroughly before leaving on your trip. Here are some pet travel tips for flying with your furry friends:

  • Book early – To ensure that you are on a dog-friendly flight with all the right accommodations for you and your dog’s needs, be sure to book your flight early. If you have any questions or concerns about flying with your dog for the first time, this will give you plenty of time to ask questions and save you the stress of booking last minute.
  • Fly direct – Booking a direct flight will save you and your pup the hassle of getting off of one plane where you’re already settled and comfortable and rushing to the next. Plus, for your dog who can’t use the plane’s restroom, the less time spent in the air the better.
  • Find the right carrier – Dog carriers come in all shapes and sizes, so be sure to find the right one for you. If you’re bringing your small pup as a carry-on, a soft-sided carrier that fits your airline’s size requirements will be most convenient as it will better mold under your seat for takeoff and landing. For large dogs traveling in cargo, you must get a hard-sided carrier that gives your dog enough room to stand up, lie down and turn around. Again, make sure you check specific requirements of your airline before you head to the airport. The last thing you want is to get all the way there just to be turned away for a technicality.
  • Include identification – Attach your contact information, yours and your dog’s names, and any important medical information to your carrier in case you are ever separated.
  • Practice first – If your dog will be traveling in a new carrier for the first time, try a few practice runs first to make sure everything goes smoothly on the big day. Put your dog in the carrier and bring her in the car on a few road trips of a similar length of time as your flight.
  • Feed four hours prior – To make sure your dog doesn’t get sick on the plane or need to go number two as soon as there’s nowhere for him to go, try feeding him four hours prior to arriving at the airport.
  • Exercise well beforehand – In addition to feeding him well, you should try to get lots of exercise in before takeoff as well. The less energy they have, the better because he’ll be more likely to fall asleep and less likely to whine and bark the whole trip.
  • Don’t give new medications – It may seem like giving your dog a sedative medicine may be helpful in calming his nerves before travel, but unless your vet has specifically ordered you to do so, do not give your dog any new medications. These types of drugs, while fine for humans, can affect dogs strangely in the air, and a stressful flight is not the time to find out your dog has an unknown allergy.
  • Bring health records – Keep your dog’s health records on you at all times when traveling. You never know when you may have an emergency and need to be able to recover these documents quickly.
  • Buy bottled water at the airport – Since you can’t bring liquids through security check in, you’ll need to buy water bottles or fill up your empty water bottles once you’re in the terminal. Keeping your pup hydrated should be a number one priority while traveling.



When your holiday destination is driving distance, a road trip is the easiest and most convenient way to travel with your dogs. In the car you can easily transport bedding, food, water, toys and anything else your pup may need without worrying about weight requirements. Here are some things to consider before you start your road trip:

  • Test drive – To make sure your dog doesn’t get motion sickness on the big day, be sure to bring him in the car for smaller trips and keep him in the area he’ll be in when it comes time to travel longer distances. If he does tend to get sick in the car, you can make sure to stock up on ginger tablets and feed them to your dog about 30 minutes before you head out.
  • Seat belt or carrier – If your dog gets a little rambunctious when sitting still for too long, be sure to get a pet seat belt or a carrier to keep your pup restrained while you’re driving. Even if it seems cute, having a dog jump in your lap while you’re driving is a huge safety hazard.
  • Stay hydrated – Bring plenty of water jugs/bottles, a bowl and maybe even some ice if you’re traveling somewhere warm. If your dog doesn’t seem to want to drink water while you’re on the road, add K9POWER’s Go Dog hydration supplement to his bowl! Not only will he be happy to drink it up since it’s flavored with real chicken, but it’s specially formulated to provide your dog with electrolytes, protein and carbohydrates for long lasting hydration and muscle health. He’ll be ready to stretch his legs and run a bit at all the rest stops.
  • Plan rest stops – Check out your route before you take off and make sure there are safe spots to stop for potty breaks as well as human food along the way that will be dog-friendly. You should try to stop every four hours to let him stretch, move and maybe indulge in a Carnivore Cookie or two.
  • Be mindful at stops – When it’s time to pull over to eat, use the restroom or otherwise leave your furry friend in the car, make absolutely sure that your dog will be comfortable when you go inside. Never leave your dog in a super hot or cold powered off car.



One of the hardest things about traveling with your dogs is finding places to sleep that are dog friendly! Websites like Bring Fido do a great job of listing all the hotels and dog-friendly accommodations available in the area you’re traveling to. Here are some things to consider when picking a place to stay:

  • Do you need a yard? – If you would like to stay in a more traditional house setting for whatever reason, try checking Airbnb for dog-friendly places to stay! These houses may or may not already have a dog home, but you can find out all the details on the website before you go.
  • Check the reviews – Whether you stay at a hotel or an Airbnb, be sure to check the reviews particularly from other dog owners. Be sure that you are near an exit and that you’ll have easy access to a grassy area so your pup can relieve himself easily. If your dog barks a lot, you may want to call the hotel beforehand to discuss whether this will be any trouble for other guests.
  • Keep the routine – With time zone changes and all the chaos of travel, it’s difficult, but try to keep your dog’s routine the same. Your pups thrive off of consistency and they will be comforted by the same food at the same time as it was at home. If your pup doesn’t like to eat while you’re away from home, add one of K9POWER’s health and wellness supplements to his food. He’ll love the real meat flavor and you’ll get tons of nutritional benefits while you’re at it.
  • Vet recommendations – Check with your vet to see what offices they recommend in the area you’re traveling to. Have your medical records handy and be aware of the location of the recommended veterinarian in case of emergency.


Packing List

Whether you’re driving or flying this holiday season, use the following checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything vital!

  • ID tags
  • Health records
  • Any medications
  • Plenty of food and water
  • K9POWER Dog Supplements
  • Leash (plus an extra in case you leave one at a rest stop)
  • Poop bags
  • Your pup’s favorite toys
  • Treats (like Carnivore Cookies)
  • Dog bedding (if it fits!)
  • Carrier/Seat belt