5 St. Patrick’s Day Accessories Your Dog Needs

Dog lovers know that holidays, no matter how big or small, are never complete without getting the furriest of family members involved. Any excuse to dress up your dog, right? In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we rounded up 5 of some of the cutest, must-have St. Patrick’s Day accessories for your pups to wear.

1. The Knitted Leprechaun Hat


This masterpiece of a leprechaun hat was knitted with love by the folks behind the Aegean Drawn Etsy shop, and if your dog looks even half as handsome as this golden retriever does, consider yourself lucky. The shamrock on the side is such a nice touch.

2. The Golden Clover Collar



These gorgeous St. Patty’s Day-ready dog collars, created by the Sewciopath Etsy Shop, are super cute without going over the top. Sure, some dogs are down for an orange beard and green sweater, but sometimes your dog just needs to subtly say, “Kiss me, I’m an Irish Setter.” These collars are only $9 a piece, and you can even add gold hardware for an extra $4.

3. St. Patty’s Day ID Tags


If there was ever a time to bling out your dog’s collar, this is the day. With people overindulging in every direction, you can’t be too careful. Give your dog’s ID tag some festive flavor with these cute charms from the Bad Tags Etsy Shop.

4. The Green Bowtie Collar


Perhaps your dog is more of a dapper gentleman that a boisterous party animal. In that case, this classy houndstooth bowtie dog collar from ThePetalAndBow Etsy shop is the option for you.

5. Rainbow and Gold Outfit


If you’re the whimsical type, this overt rainbow and gold dog shirt is the perfect option, especially if you’re celebrating St Patrick’s Day in a snow storm. A rainbow shirt is definitely the best way to keep your furry friend warm, but be careful–they’re always after your lucky charms!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

How to Have a Dog-Friendly Thanksgiving

Keep your furry family members safe over Thanksgiving!

shutterstock_344025578Turkey day is fast approaching, and as you start to plan out your elaborate meals and decorate your table with Pinterest-level precision, don’t forget to plan around the hungriest, most enthusiastic eaters in your family: your dogs. Unfortunately your furry family members who are most excited about this food-centric holiday may be exposed to some potentially dangerous factors on the big day. Here are some Thanksgiving safety tips for dogs before bringing everyone over to gobble up some turkey. Show your pups how grateful you are for them with these Thanksgiving pet safety tips!

shutterstock_2908481811. Protect the Prep

While prepping ingredients, like peeling potatoes or gutting pumpkins, make sure you keep an eye on your little furry scavengers. Many raw veggies and meat scraps can be less than ideal for your dog’s digestive system, but raw potatoes are particularly harmful and raw pumpkin can give your pup diarrhea — no fun when you’re already stressed about getting all the food cranked out!shutterstock_5306357982. Synchronized Feeding

To avoid incessant begging once you’re all sitting down to enjoy your Thanksgiving meal, give you dogs their meals at the same time that everyone sits down at the table. Maybe even throw a little plain turkey in their bowls for an extra treat, but remember to cut down on their portions of regular food when you know they’ll be snacking on people food throughout the day.shutterstock_4878862513. Set Expectations

If you have strict rules about what your pets can and cannot do during meals, make an announcement to all your guests before the meal starts. Everyone is different when it comes to what they allow their dogs to get away with, so make sure your guests aren’t sneaking spoonfuls of gravy under the table if you’re discouraging begging or trying to keep them on a strict feeding plan.shutterstock_5170541414. Keep Bones Contained

It seems like Thanksgiving would be the perfect time to dispose of your bones in a mutually beneficial way, but despite your dog’s enthusiasm to devour your turkey bones you should keep them contained and out of reach. The cooked bones can easily splinter in your dog’s throat which can potentially be very dangerous, especially for small dogs. shutterstock_3731132295. Brush Up On the Do-Not-Feed List

The following foods are never to be feed to pups:Turkey Skin – The turkey skin, which holds onto marinades, butter and other ingredients high in fat, can be very difficult for your dog to digest.

  • Cooked Bones – Turkey and ham bones become very brittle after cooking and can splinter in your pup’s digestive tract.
  • Walnuts and Macadamia nuts – Various nuts contain toxins that could cause vomiting or seizures in your dogs. Not all nuts contain them, but be sure to do your research before feeding nuts to your pup and always avoid walnuts and macadamia nuts. Here’s a guide to nuts for dogs!
  • Onions – Onions contain sulfides which are toxic to dogs.
  • Nutmeg – Nutmeg can cause seizures and central nervous system damage to dogs, so make sure there isn’t much in any pumpkin or sweet potato dishes you might want to share with your dog.
  • Chocolate and Dough – Chocolate is a well known carcinogen for dogs, but dough can also be dangerous as it can rise inside your dog’s stomach, leading to lots of discomfort.

shutterstock_5116407556. Avoid Anxiety

Some of our furry friends are sensitive to noise, strangers and new situations. Be sure to account for any anxiety your pets may be feeling with new people, loud situations and possibly young children running around. If you see your dog is having trouble coping with the large gathering, put him in an area of the house where he feels safe with his comforting toys, dog bed or treats. Don’t force your pets to participate in the celebration if they are uncomfortable with it.

shutterstock_4671575696. Treat Your Pups

Since you’ll be in the kitchen baking anyway, you might as well throw a few festive dog treats together while you’re at it! Ingredients like pumpkin, apple and cinnamon are great for pups. Here are some quick, easy and beautiful treats you could feed the pups this year, or if you’re low on time order some delicious and healthy Carnivore Cookies! Follow these Thanksgiving safety tips for your pets to ensure an enjoyable holiday for you and your pooch.

Make Sure Your Dog Has a Great Boarding Experience

Here are some tips for making sure your dog has the best boarding experience possible!


The holidays are such a magical time of year where everyone is constantly traveling to visit friends and family. While traveling can be fun and exciting for most, it can be pretty stressful for our K9 friends and their parents, too. Many dog parents enjoy the thought of a multi-day trip for just a few seconds before reality sets in: they’ll have to make accommodations for their fur-babies. Unless you have a small pup who easily fits in a carrier or you have a road trip-distance destination with a dog-friendly place to stay at on the other end, you’ll have to decide what the best dog holiday care option will be. Then it’s a combination of having to leave one of your cherished family members behind during family time plus worrying that your pup is being well taken care of while you’re gone! Finding the right way to board your dog can be an extra layer of unnecessary stress, so here are some 8 tips for boarding your dog to ensure your pup has the best possible time while you’re away!


Know Your Options

Depending on your prior experiences and your dog’s specific needs, you may already know what the best option for dog care is while you’re away. If you’re new to the whole process, however, know that there are plenty of dog boarding options to choose from! If your pup has trouble adjusting to sleeping in a new place, you can even use services like Rover, DogVacay or Care to find someone to come to your house to feed, walk and care for your pup while you’re away. These sites, which allow all users to rate one another after each stay, also offer overnight care at the sitter’s house if that sounds like a better option – these sites are great because they offer cage-free stays and often even have other dogs around that your pup can play with! If your dog has medical needs or requires special treatment, check out your trusted vet’s facilities, or look on Yelp to find the best (and most affordable) options in your area.


Do Your Research

Before deciding which boarding method you’ll use, make sure to do some thorough research. Ask your friends what their preferred facility is or which specific dog-sitters they’ve had good experiences with in the past, then check reviews. Rover, DogVacay and Yelp are all review based, so you can ease your mind by only booking sitters who have received many 5-star reviews already. For extra peace of mind, you can ask to meet up with the caregiver before your drop your fur-baby off (many sitters prefer this anyway), to make sure it will be a great fit. This goes for a boarding facility as well; you’re definitely entitled to take a tour beforehand.


Ask for Updates

When using dog-sitting services, you’re dealing with bonafide dog people, meaning they’re down to take and send you photos of your pup having a great time while you’re away. If you let them know ahead of time that you’re nervous about leaving your pup, they’ll be extra diligent about sending you daily updates on how your little buddy is doing.


Tell Them Everything

Be super open with your sitter about any issues your pup may have while you’re away, and do your best to prepare them for anything that might happen. If your dog is never around other dogs, for instance, let her know that you’re unsure how your dog will react at mealtime or if your dog doesn’t get along with cats, let her know that she’ll have to be careful on walks. They are always very willing to accommodate special needs.


Bring Comfort Items

Regardless of where you’re dropping your dog off, make sure you bring some comforting items for them to enjoy in case they have a hard time adjusting. It’s smart to bring your own food to avoid any upset stomachs, but it’s also nice to bring along your dog’s favorite toy, dog bed or blanket that brings him comfort (since it smells like home!).


Eating Incentive

Sometimes dogs refuse to eat when they’re away from home, so make sure your boarders have a backup plan. With your permission, some facilities will add chicken broth to their food to encourage dogs to eat, but you could also send along some super tasty K9POWER supplements that can easily be mixed into dry food and your pup will gobble it up right away.


Don’t Forget Treats

Another way to make sure your dog warms up to the sitter right away is to leave behind some treats! Let your sitter know how many you allow your dog to have in an average day and order some K9POWER Carnivore Cookies for the occasion!



It’s easier said than done, but now that you’ve done all the research and made sure your pup is under the best possible care, try to relax. Don’t linger too long when you’re dropping him off and try to remain calm as your dog will pick up your emotions and feel stressed if you are. Trust that your dog is in good hands and enjoy your vacation knowing that your fur-baby will be enjoying his vacation too!


10 Dog Friendly Recipes To Make This Fall

Check out these easy to make dog treats perfect for fall!

shutterstock_221659057Fall is, without a doubt, the best time for baking. The chill in the air, the gorgeous multicolored leaves, the abundance of pumpkins and apples, and everyone’s insatiable sweet tooth make it an ideal time to hop in the kitchen. While you’re busy treating your human friends and family members, don’t forget to show your faithful K9 companion some autumn love as well! Here are 10 dog-friendly recipes for Autumn you can whip up for your puppies today because they deserve to be pampered this season, too! Warning: your humans may try to steal these fall dog treats as well, so watch out.



1. 3-Ingredient Homemade Peanut Butter Pumpkin Dog Treats

Get the recipe here

These deliciously adorable DIY dog treats couldn’t be easier to make with just three ingredients: peanut butter, flour and pure canned pumpkin. Simply combine, cut out cute shapes and bake for 8-10 minutes at 350F. You can’t go wrong, and your dog will definitely be begging for more. You don’t have to feel guilty giving in either because pumpkin is great for your pup with plenty of fiber and beta-carotene.

2. Pumpkin Apple Dog Treats

Get the recipe here

Apples are packed with fiber and vitamins A and C AND they helped clean your pup’s teeth, so these pumpkin apple treats are a double whammy. Combine flour, baking powder, diced apples, pumpkin, water and an egg, cut into biscuit shapes and bake at 350F for 30 minutes. An easy peasy dog-friendly recipe! Plus, you could always make an extra batch with some sugar to let your humans enjoy as well.


3. Apple Carrot Dog Biscuits

Get the recipe here

These apple carrot dog biscuits are incredibly cute, and your dog will love the sweet and crunchy carrots mixed with oats and apples. Cut them into heart shapes to add some extra love.


4. Apple Cinnamon Dog Donut Cookies

Get the recipe here

Biscuits made of apples, cinnamon, oat flour and apples are great by themselves, but cut them into donut shapes and add a Greek yogurt/honey glaze to take things to the next level. There’s no way you’ll be able to keep the humans from getting in on this donut action.


5. Oat and Apples Pretzel Dog Treats

Get the recipe here

Ready to get uber creative with your dog treats? Try this fancy oat and apple pretzel recipe! The ingredients are simple and healthy for your pup, but the technique comes when skillfully twisting the dough into the pretzel shape. You got this!


6. DIY Edible Apple Kong

Get the recipe here

You know those Kong toys filled with treats that keep your dogs occupied for hours? They’re incredible, but instead of forking over the money for a new treat every time your pup succeeds in extracting it, try making your own! This DIY Edible Apple Kong is easy and genius. Simply core an apple and stuff it with peanut or almond butter for a cheap and delicious doggie treat.


7. Frozen Pumpkin and Banana Dog Treats

Get the recipe here

If your pup is into ice cubes, he’ll love these frozen pumpkin and banana treats. All you need to do is blend together plain yogurt, canned pumpkin, banana and honey and freeze. Bonus points for adorable ice molds!


8. Pumpkin Dog Cookies

Get the recipe here

You feed your kids thumbprint cookies, so why not feed your dogs paw print cookies? These pumpkin dog treats rely on our tried and true ingredients: pumpkin, egg, oat flour, peanut butter and cinnamon.  


9. Pumpkin Doggie Donut Holes

Get the recipe here

Bring the excitement of taking your pup through the Dunkin Donuts drive through home by baking up your own doggie donut holes! This recipe is hypoallergenic and pretty darn photogenic too.


10. No Bake Peanut Butter Dog Treats

Get the recipe here

Is baking not your forte? Try making these easy no-bake peanut butter dog treats so you don’t risk burning the house down.