How to Perfect Your Pet Selfies

shutterstock_465796652We’ve all seen those immaculately dressed dogs on social media. You know the ones, they are the perfectly poised pups who perfected the duck-face long before you even knew what a “selfie” was and have more followers than you could ever hope to. Sometimes they’re smiling wide, or lounging provocatively, or sitting up human-like, but no matter what they happen to be doing in the photo, they’re looking straight at the camera like they’re getting paid to pose! I don’t know how many times you’ve ever tried to dress up your dog, let alone point a camera at him afterwards, but most of the time he’s not having it! Not sure how to take a selfie with your dog? Whether you’re trying to become Instafamous or just get a cute family photo, here are some pet photo tips for getting your pooch to pose for that IG-worthy shot.

shutterstock_471910502The tennis ball phone attachment

When selfie sticks and forward facing cameras are all the rage, it only makes sense that the pet attachments would follow suit. One of the original pet selfie assistants was the tennis ball phone attachment. The big green ball clips onto the top of your cell phone so your pooch looks excitedly at the eye of the camera while you smile and snap away. Genius!


shutterstock_462560137Bring treats

Fancy gadgets are great and all, but you could always do it the good old fashioned way by using treats. A strategically placed treat can be a total game changer when taking dog selfies. You could try balancing it on top of your phone like the tennis ball, or get a friend to hold the treat up while clicking away on the camera. Of course, if you’re just taking photos of the pup and not yourself, you can leverage the treat for all sorts of poses, from play dead to sit and stay.

shutterstock_495644236Play first

To get that million dollar smile from your pup, have a rowdy play session first! Get your pup’s heart rate up with a quick, energetic game of tug of war or fetch. Sneaking in a little exercise before the photoshoot will get your pup to perk up her ears and smile wide for that #tongueouttuesday grin! Don’t play too hard though, because if she’s exhausted, she’ll likely rather lie on the cool, tile floor than pose for your camera.

shutterstock_189909905Get a tripod

If you don’t have another person willing to do the dirty work for you, a tripod can be your very best friend. Not only will you get consistent, shake-free shots, but you’ll be able to set your camera at whatever height, angle or strange spot you’d like. There are tons to choose from too, from little and cheap to monstrous and expensive ones. There are even highly adjustable octopus-looking tripods that have flexible legs that can wrap around a tree branch or pole if that helps secure the shot. This is the easiest way to get sweet candid shots of you and your pooch. Be sure to switch to the self-timer, multiple shot setting on your camera so you have time to get situated before it starts clicking and you have plenty to choose from.

shutterstock_529083103Camera remote

If your camera is equipped for it, a remote can be another game changer when using a tripod. Not only will you not have to run from the frame to the camera between each shot, but you can even place yourself out of the frame and cue your pup from various angles getting those shots you’d never be able to capture from behind the lens.

shutterstock_526548775Shutter speed

When it comes to photographing pets, it’s important to accept that motion is an obstacle you’ll face. Those pups are not going to want to stay still, and even when they do, chances are that tail will still be going full speed ahead. Set your camera at a higher shutter speed to better capture this motion, but be sure you have plenty of natural light to work with too since this setting will not capture nearly as much light as a lower shutter speed would.

shutterstock_238355515Take LOTS of photos

For every beautiful photo, there are tons of less-than-perfect tries that came before and after. Don’t settle for one or two clicks. In the digital film world, there’s no need to be stingy with your photo taking. For the best chances of getting a great dog selfie, take lots of photos for each pose you try. You can, and probably should, delete all the outtakes afterward.

shutterstock_522332236Be patient

Taking photos of or with pups is not an easy task. It’s easy to get frustrated and want to give up, but remember that your furry pal has no idea why you’re making him wear human clothes and stay still while your black box makes funny noises. Be patient and know that as time goes on, it’ll become easier to capture your beautiful doggie moments.

10 Ways Dogs Are Better Than Humans

We all know dogs are the best, but here are all the ways dogs are superior to humans.

Pretty much every dog person out there knows that when it comes down to it, our K9 friends are superior to us in almost every way. From their unbridled excitement the moment your keys jiggle the door handle to their extraordinary cuddling skills, dogs know exactly how to steal your heart every single time. Here are just 10 ways dogs are far better than humans.


1. Dogs never judge

In a world where even Netflix tries to shame you for binge-watching trashy TV shows for five hours straight, your dog is cuddled up next to you with nothing but love in his judgement-free eyes. He loves when you drive through McDonald’s (can I haz a French fry?!), he’s ALL about that solo Saturday wine night in, and he cares zero percent that you skipped the gym for the 12th week in a row.

shutterstock_4033124982. Dogs are ALWAYS happy to see you

Even if you scolded your pup for chewing your shoes or knocking over the trashcan just an hour beforehand, there’s no way to contain his whip-like tail wag and Pointer Sisters-level excitement at your triumphant return to the front door.shutterstock_329612270

3. They never bail, reschedule or make plans without you

As far as your dog is concerned, you are the king of the world and what you decide to do is the best decision ever. Whether you want to go running in the rain, take a car ride to the grocery store or lie on the couch, your dog is down no matter what.  shutterstock_296922116

4. Your dog LOVES your cooking

It doesn’t matter if the smoke alarm is going off and your place smells like a bonfire while trying to cook lasagna, pups still think you’re a culinary genius. They’ll beg, whine and cry for those charred noodles baked with love and they’ll be forever grateful if you simply let them lick your empty plate.shutterstock_511325281

5. You don’t have to impress them

Your dog doesn’t care that you didn’t shower after you ran six miles (“YUM! Your legs are delicious!”) or if you’re wearing the same PJs on Sunday that you were wearing Friday night (“Wow, mom! You look beautiful!”), they are easily and infinitely impressed by everything you do.shutterstock_524212318

6. They’re not worried about germs

Even if you’re bedridden with pneumonia, your dog will jump right up onto the bed with you and lick your congested face like it’s nothing. They don’t think twice about the soiled tissues all over the carpet or the constant sneezing.shutterstock_528200398

7. They don’t hold grudges

Dogs love you unconditionally no matter how mad you get at them for pooping in the living room or chewing your favorite Jimmy Choos. You can raise your voice or forget to let them out in the morning, but it will take no time at all for them to jump right back onto your lap with full forgiveness.shutterstock_518769835

8. No adventure is too small

Just taking your dog on a car ride to get gas is a wonderful adventure worthy of tail wags and face licks.shutterstock_317003540

9. They always know how to comfort you

There’s never that awkward, “I’m at a loss for words,” moment with dogs that occurs with humans. A dog is man’s best friend because dogs don’t have any reservations when it comes to comforting their humans at a time of need.shutterstock_409294558

10. They are happy to clean up your messes

When was the last time you dropped crumbs all over the floor and your human friends came over and started cleaning it up for you? Dogs have those messes covered.

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20 Thoughts Every Dog Has On A Walk With Its Human

Here are 20 thoughts every dog has on a walk with his human.

shutterstock_204860863As soon as you become a dog parent, walks quickly become a part of your daily routine. It’s easy to zone out as you slip on the leash, walk down the sidewalk, stop to pick up a pile or two and go through all the motions. For you, walking with your dog can be great bonding, extra exercise and sometimes extremely inconvenient (like when you’re late for work), but for your furry friend it’s a completely different experience. In case you’ve ever wondered what goes through your dog’s head while you’re out for a walk, we’ve gone ahead and compiled our best educated guesses for you. Here’s a look at the 20 thoughts every dog has on walks.

1. As soon as you pick up the leash:

Is that the sweet, sweet jingling noise of a leash? DO I HEAR A LEASH? There’s no way. It couldn’t possibly be. But is it?


2. When you clip the leash onto his collar:

I HAVE THE BEST HUMAN IN THE WORLD! We’re going on a walk! We’re going on a walk! This is the best day of my life!


3. As soon as you walk outside:

I cannot believe I’m outside. This is real. This is actually happening right now. I AM OUTSIDE.

There are so many smells out here. Grass, grass, grass. Mmmm garbage.

4. Passing by the beautiful scenery:

Fresh air, people, birds tweeting..


Oooh, that looks like a great place to pee.


5. As soon as he’s done peeing:



6. When another dog walks by:


Heeeey, dog, you look like you need a sniff.

7. When the dog growls:

Mean, doggie! No no no.

I swear my tail wasn’t between my legs a second ago.


8. When you pass a garbage can:

I smell something delicious. Must. Eat. Now.


Aw man, human took it away from me.

Over it!


9. As you pass a water bowl:

I’M SO THIRSTY! How did human know I was so thirsty? Why is this wet stuff so good?!

10. Once he’s done hydrating:

Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! Faster! What are you waiting for??

WAIT! Must pee on this bush.

Oh, I thought there would be more pee in there.


11. As another dog passes:

Hi friend! Want to play? Let’s play! Want to? Want to? C’mon!

Let’s run circles around each other so our humans can never untangle our leashes!


12. When you pull him to keep going:

Nevermind! We’re walking! Sayonara, sucker!


13. After you pass by all the grassy areas on your walk:

HUMAN! I have to go number two! Right here. Right now. Sidewalk poop.


14. Once you’ve cleaned up the sidewalk mess:

Umm I need to go again.


15. As you’re walking back to the house:

I still can’t believe I’m outside right now! This is nuts. I just love my human so much– SQUIRREL!


16. When you pass a dog lover on the sidewalk:

HI OTHER HUMAN! LOVE ME, PLEASE! Yessss, back scratches are the best.

17. Heading back to the house:

OMG, this smells so familiar! It feels like a memory. Can I smell memories? This is all so exciting.


18. Walking up the stairs:
Walking, walking, walking. I could walk forever and ever. I could never get tired of walking.


19. As soon as you walk inside:
I FOUND MORE WET STUFF! I’m going to drink all of it.


20. Once he’s done drinking:

That bed looks so fluffy! I’m just going to feel it for a min–zzZzzZZzzzZ