Introducing Total K9 By K9 Power®


The newest addition to the K9Power family is an all-encompassing dog supplement called Total K9, and it does a little bit of everything. This is the multivitamin your dog needs to look and feel his or her very best, so if you’re new to the game, this is a great place to start, and if you’ve been at it for years, this is a great place to continue. We’re all super excited about this new product and we wanted to give you all the details first hand, so we sat down with Kevin Lettire, K9Power’s Chief Operating Officer, to get the rundown on Total K9.

So what exactly is Total K9?

Total K9 is the newest addition to our Life Stages line of products. Total K9 by K9 Power is designed to provide key support elements for eye, cognitive, digestive, cardio vascular, joint, coat and skin. Total K9 incorporates the latest in exciting nutritive elements including Astaxanthan, CoQ10 enzyme and green lipped mussel. It is designed to provide the additional support dogs may be missing in their regular diet.


Sounds great. What made you decide to develop it?

Total K9 was developed in response to our customers’ requests for an all-in-one canine nutritional supplement to provide additional support for their companions. They wanted to know they were giving their dogs the best chance for a happy and healthy life.


What are some of the active ingredients in the formula?

We are excited about what we’ve incorporated into this product. In partnership with one of the leading researchers in the field of animal nutrition (Dr. George Fahey) we created a formula that supported a majority of elements in the dog’s health and wellness platform. Ingredients like Astaxanthin provide strong antioxidant support to support endurance while helping your dog’s natural response to inflammation. Turmeric / curcumin support cognitive and cardiovascular systems, lutein provides ocular support, and green lipped mussel provides support for joints. We’ve combined these ingredients with coconut oil and camelina to improve your dog’s coat and skin.


Wow, so it really is the total package! Do your dogs use it?

We have 4 dogs who have all been on it for over 6 months. The first thing people ask is how do we get their coat so soft and shiny.


How do they like it?

They go crazy for the taste and as an additional benefit, our bulldog isn’t clearing out the room from an upset tummy anymore.


Well, that’s definitely an added benefit, ha! What kind of dog is this product best for?

The product is designed for dogs from 6 months to 6-7 years of age.


How often should pups consume it for best results?

Once or twice a day with feedings is all they need to get great results.


Would you suggest combining Total K9 with any other K9Power supplements?

The product is designed to provide comprehensive support but is still complementary to all of our K9POWER products. If they need additional joint support, you could use K9 Power Joint Strong with Total K9 or K9 Power Show Stopper, if your dog suffers from seasonal allergies or itchy skin.


What kind of changes might occur with continued use?

You should see improved skin and coat, more energy, smaller fecal output, and more enjoyment of their food.


Thanks so much for answering these questions. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

We are really excited about this product and happy we can continue to support our customers’ needs and those of their companions.


To learn more about Total K9 by K9 Power, visit the Total K9 Product Page.


4 thoughts on “Introducing Total K9 By K9 Power®”

    1. Total K9 does not have Taurine in it as an isolated ingredient, however, chicken is a natural source of taurine, which is why many foods don’t add it additionally. If you are looking for a product with supplemental taurine, try our product, Show Stopper. Hope this helps!


  1. So can we be assured that “powder for powder” if we were to switch out the Show Stopper for K9 power, our 14 year old healthy Schipperke girl will be covered by the Show Stopper benefits through K9 power ? At her age with how beautiful her coat is (thank you) I hesitate to add more unless the ingredients match that benefiting her from Show Stopper. Please let us know and we will consider switching, We already definitely sing your praises for your great product.


    1. If you’ve had great success with Show Stopper, by all means keep her on that product. Total K9 is a part of our Life Stage Product Line (Puppy Gold, Total K9, Young at Heart). It is meant to provide dogs with foundational support across their systems. Show Stopper is part of our Targeted Nutrition Line, a group of products with ingredients that help with more specific issues. Both are great products, but they are not intended to be substitutes for one another. Hope this helps!


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