Here’s Why Your Dog Food Isn’t Enough



Just like people have very specific dietary needs and restrictions, your dog’s nutritional needs cannot possibly be lumped into a one-size-fits-all bag of dog chow. When it comes to properly caring for your pup’s health, supplementation is crucial and, when done correctly, can save you time and money in the long run. Here are 4 problems with dog food and why its missing the mark.


Every Dog Is Different

Imagine forcing your gluten-intolerant sister, your peanut-allergic son and your iron-deficient BFF to all eat the same food each day. It would not be a pretty sight. They would not only be unhealthy, they’d probably be pretty angry at you too. Your furry friends are the same way. Each dog has specific needs, and if you’re simply feeding your pooch generic dog food every day, they’re missing out on crucial dietary elements.


Not All Kibble Is Created Equal

Many high-quality kibble brands and healthy dog food do contain many of the nutrients dogs need to maintain a healthy balance. However, others are created with tons of fillers and low-grade ingredients we would never find acceptable in human food. Since the pet food industry is run by the same folks who run the human food and agriculture industry, plenty of corners are cut for the sake of saving money. Check the ingredients carefully, and note that the Association of American Feed Control Officials require that ingredients are listed in order of weight, so the most predominant ingredients will be listed first. Be sure to check the ingredients and avoid formulas that contain high amounts of:

  • Artificial ingredients including flavors, colors and preservatives
  • Meat or bone meal of an unspecified source
  • By-product meals
  • Soy and corn fillers

The best dog food formulas will contain:

  • At least one whole meat or meat meal – chicken meal, beef meal, turkey meal, etc.
  • Whole, unprocessed grains from one or more sources


Nutrition is Key

Improper nutrition can lead to behavioral issues in addition to discomfort for your pup (think itchy skin, allergies, dull coats, joint problems and more). Not everyone has the funds to feed their dog a raw diet or cook gourmet meals, but one way to decrease costs without compromising your dog’s health is to supplement their diet with the nutrients they’re missing out on each day. With the proper vitamins, minerals and nutritional elements, all in an easy to administer formula, you end up saving money while giving your K9 friend the chance to feel fabulous.


Your Dog’s Needs Change

Nutritional needs vary from breed to breed as well as from stages of life. Here’s a breakdown of some of the best supplements to fit your dog’s dietary needs so they feel their best at each stage of life:

  • Puppies – K9POWER Puppy Gold – For growing dogs, proper nutrition is key to allowing them to be healthy puppies and grow into strong, happy adults. Like most mammals out in the wild, pups nurse off of their mothers for many months providing them with nature’s perfect formula for growth, but traditionally we send our domesticated puppies to their new homes at just eight weeks. Weaning them off of breast milk too early certainly isn’t a death sentence, but it’s definitely not ideal. Puppy Gold is formulated just like a dog’s breast milk with bioactive proteins, micellar casein and colostrum to help them transition smoothly to a commercial diet while also providing immune system boosters like lactotransferrin to avoid infection. You can even feed the pure white powder to your sweet puppy with or without additional food.
  • Expecting Moms – K9POWER Puppy Gold – Just like puppies benefit from the Puppy Gold formula once they’re out of the womb, pregnant dogs as well as their unborn pups will reap the benefits of the formula as well. Supplement your expecting pup’s food with Puppy Gold to produce big, healthy puppies and a strong, healthy mom by supplying essential nutrition to grow puppies and produce milk without exhausting the reserves in her muscle and bone mass. Not only will she feel better and recover quickly after giving birth, but she’ll look fabulous as her coat shines throughout pregnancy.
  • Adults – K9POWER Show Stopper – Your full grown dogs may need a little extra lovin’ when it comes to their itchy skin or dull coat. That’s where the Show Stopper supplement comes in. Show Stopper is formulated with top-of-the-line human grade ingredients like coconut oil, olive oil, egg, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins C and E to make your dog’s coat shine and skin feel great. It also contains an optimized blend of fibers, digestive enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics to aid in your pup’s digestion.
  • Adults and Seniors – K9POWER Joint Strong – If your dog is super active or getting older, hip and joint pain is likely going to creep up due to inflammation, but there’s no reason to let your pup suffer or spend hundreds of dollars on various cures. Joint Strong is a miraculous supplement that eases joint inflammation with a unique blend of plant antioxidants, omega-3s, glucosamine/chondroitin/MSM/CMO and hyaluronic acid. This combination fights off free radicals, increases joint flexibility and lubrication, and helps build cartilage to keep your dog jumping, running and playing catch without pain throughout the years.
  • Seniors – K9POWER Young At Heart – As your dog ages, many of the compounds that abound in his youth decline, decreasing joint and brain function, muscle mass and cellular activity. The Young At Heart supplement is made with different nutrients for dogs, such as amino acids, vitamins, probiotics and phytonutrients, that can help reverse the effects of aging by fighting muscle loss, increasing metabolic rate, and improving joint, mental and eye health.   


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