20 Thoughts Every Dog Has On A Walk With Its Human

Here are 20 thoughts every dog has on a walk with his human.

shutterstock_204860863As soon as you become a dog parent, walks quickly become a part of your daily routine. It’s easy to zone out as you slip on the leash, walk down the sidewalk, stop to pick up a pile or two and go through all the motions. For you, walking with your dog can be great bonding, extra exercise and sometimes extremely inconvenient (like when you’re late for work), but for your furry friend it’s a completely different experience. In case you’ve ever wondered what goes through your dog’s head while you’re out for a walk, we’ve gone ahead and compiled our best educated guesses for you. Here’s a look at the 20 thoughts every dog has on walks.

1. As soon as you pick up the leash:

Is that the sweet, sweet jingling noise of a leash? DO I HEAR A LEASH? There’s no way. It couldn’t possibly be. But is it?


2. When you clip the leash onto his collar:

I HAVE THE BEST HUMAN IN THE WORLD! We’re going on a walk! We’re going on a walk! This is the best day of my life!


3. As soon as you walk outside:

I cannot believe I’m outside. This is real. This is actually happening right now. I AM OUTSIDE.

There are so many smells out here. Grass, grass, grass. Mmmm garbage.

4. Passing by the beautiful scenery:

Fresh air, people, birds tweeting..


Oooh, that looks like a great place to pee.


5. As soon as he’s done peeing:



6. When another dog walks by:


Heeeey, dog, you look like you need a sniff.

7. When the dog growls:

Mean, doggie! No no no.

I swear my tail wasn’t between my legs a second ago.


8. When you pass a garbage can:

I smell something delicious. Must. Eat. Now.


Aw man, human took it away from me.

Over it!


9. As you pass a water bowl:

I’M SO THIRSTY! How did human know I was so thirsty? Why is this wet stuff so good?!

10. Once he’s done hydrating:

Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! Faster! What are you waiting for??

WAIT! Must pee on this bush.

Oh, I thought there would be more pee in there.


11. As another dog passes:

Hi friend! Want to play? Let’s play! Want to? Want to? C’mon!

Let’s run circles around each other so our humans can never untangle our leashes!


12. When you pull him to keep going:

Nevermind! We’re walking! Sayonara, sucker!


13. After you pass by all the grassy areas on your walk:

HUMAN! I have to go number two! Right here. Right now. Sidewalk poop.


14. Once you’ve cleaned up the sidewalk mess:

Umm I need to go again.


15. As you’re walking back to the house:

I still can’t believe I’m outside right now! This is nuts. I just love my human so much– SQUIRREL!


16. When you pass a dog lover on the sidewalk:

HI OTHER HUMAN! LOVE ME, PLEASE! Yessss, back scratches are the best.

17. Heading back to the house:

OMG, this smells so familiar! It feels like a memory. Can I smell memories? This is all so exciting.


18. Walking up the stairs:
Walking, walking, walking. I could walk forever and ever. I could never get tired of walking.


19. As soon as you walk inside:
I FOUND MORE WET STUFF! I’m going to drink all of it.


20. Once he’s done drinking:

That bed looks so fluffy! I’m just going to feel it for a min–zzZzzZZzzzZ

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