What Are Dog Supplements?

Have you ever wondered about dog supplements? Here’s everything you need to know!


What do you think of when you hear the term “dog supplements?” Perhaps an image of a meathead dog benching 300 pounds comes to mind, or an exasperated overweight pup who is willing to do anything to drop those extra pounds? Maybe you simply laugh and think, “People have too much time on their hands,” or maybe you already spend hours a week perfecting the ratios of vitamins, minerals and nutrients missing from your dog’s food and your ears perk up knowing it might simplify your life. Regardless of how you think of dog supplements right now, we’re here to clear any misconceptions and explain exactly how they can make your life easier while making your dog’s life better. Sounds great, right? Read on for some dog nutrition advice.


What are dog supplements?

Dog supplements are just like people supplements in that they make your dog’s body and mind function better! Just like you may realize that your diet doesn’t include enough protein or calcium as it is, so you drink protein shakes or take a daily calcium supplement, many dogs don’t get all the of the nutrients they need from their dog chow, so they need some help to achieve optimal nutrition.


Does my dog need supplements?

If you are conscientious about the type of commercial dog chow you feed to your pup, it may not be necessary to supplement with extra dog vitamins or minerals as many food producers create formulas that are already well balanced for your pup’s health. High quality dog foods are made with at least one whole meat or meat meal (chicken meal, beef meal, turkey meal, etc.) and whole, unprocessed grains from one or more sources. Adding too many vitamins your dog’s diet can actually be harmful, so it’s important to do your research and follow your vet’s dog nutrition advice before tossing any pills at your pup. The following situations definitely require supplements for proper dog nutrition:

  • Home cooked meals: If you cook meals for your dogs instead of feeding them high quality commercial food, it is important to add supplements to your dog’s meals to ensure you aren’t missing out on any essential nutrients.
  • Low quality food: We never recommend feeding your dog low-grade kibbles, but if you suspect your food is not of the highest quality, be sure to supplement to ensure your dog is getting proper nutrients.
  • Health issues: If your dog has stiff joints, itchy skin, is extremely active or has any sort of vet-prescribed deficiency, supplements can be a life-saver.


How do I know what to supplement with?

You can find tons of recommendations online for how you should be supplementing your dog’s food, but the ratios are difficult to get right, the various pills/powders might taste terrible to your dog, and with so many options to choose from at the health food store, it’s bound to get confusing. You can cut the confusion by supplementing your dog’s food according to its individual needs all in one easy-to-administer formula. That’s where K9POWER comes into play!

What kind of dog supplements are there?


The most common types of dog supplements are multivitamins, supplements that support joint health, reduce shedding and improve your dog’s coat. Here are some of the most popular K9POWER dog supplements and their main functions:

  • Joint Strong – If your dog has ever experienced any hip or joint pain, which is indicated by limping or labored movement upon waking, Joint Strong just might be your solution. Joint Strong is a supplement that eases joint inflammation with a unique blend of plant antioxidants, omega-3s, glucosamine/chondroitin/MSM/CMO and hyaluronic acid. This combination fights off free radicals, increases joint flexibility and lubrication, and helps build cartilage to keep your dog jumping, running and playing catch without pain regardless of age or other factors.
  • Young At Heart – As your dog ages, many of the compounds that abound in his youth decline, decreasing joint and brain function, muscle mass and cellular activity. The Young At Heart supplement is made with amino acids, vitamins, probiotics and phytonutrients that can help reverse the effects of aging by fighting muscle loss, increasing metabolic rate, and improving joint, mental and eye health. This is the perfect way to allow your dog to age with grace.  
  • Show Stopper – Any number of factors could lead to your dog’s itchy skin and dull coat, and instead of simply accepting it, you can ease their discomfort with Show Stopper. The Show Stopper supplement is formulated with top-of-the-line human grade ingredients like coconut oil, olive oil, egg, omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins C and E to make your dog’s coat shine and skin feel great. It also contains an optimized blend of fibers, digestive enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics to aid in your pup’s digestion. This is a great option for any dog!
  • Puppy Gold – For puppies, proper nutrition is key for healthy growth. Like most mammals out in the wild, pups nurse off of their mothers for many months providing them with nature’s perfect formula for growth, but we send our pups to their new homes at just eight weeks, weaning them off of breast milk earlier than their mother would. Puppy Gold is formulated just like a dog’s breast milk with bioactive proteins, micellar casein and colostrum to help them transition smoothly to a commercial diet while also providing immune system boosters like lactotransferrin to avoid infection. It’s also great for pregnant dogs!
  • Super Fuel – Dogs who are very active, whether they’re service dogs, competitors or lovers of playtime, will benefit from the Super Fuel supplement, which aids in recovery, reduces chances of overuse injury, supports muscle growth and burns fat while boosting the immune system. It’s not just for athletic pups though, Super Fuel’s unique blend of antioxidants, protein and vitamins is also a great option for dogs recovering from surgery, chemo and other traumas.
  • Go Dog – Running, hiking and spending time outside are wonderful ways to bond with your dog, but to ensure your dog’s safety when it’s hot or activities are rigorous, supplement with K9POWER’s hydrating Go Dog supplement. This water-soluble formula contains electrolytes, short-burst/long-range energy fuels and buffering agents that help neutralize metabolic acid (H+) build up and keeps your dog in the performance safety zone. It will keep your dog stay energized during a hike and aid in recovery afterward. It’s also delicious, so it will incentivise your dog to stay hydrated even when drinking water seems like a chore.
  • Digest Forte – The Digest Forte supplement promotes healthy gut bacteria for enhanced nutritional absorption and optimal digestion. If your dog suffers from incessant gas, it not only affects the humans who have to smell it, it’s also uncomfortable for your dog. Digest Forte promotes healthy digestion with enzymes and probiotics, meaning less gas, and more consistent, solid and less stinky bowel movements.
  • Omega Dog – The Omega Dog supplement is made of 100% extra virgin camelina oil, which is an incredible alternative to fish oil as it’s completely earth-based, making it more sustainable and safer since it doesn’t contain any mercury, PCBs or heavy metals (plus, no fish smell!). The Omega-3 fatty acids will reduce inflammation, support joint, heart and brain health while giving your pup a gorgeous, glossy coat.
  • Immune Dog – When your dog is faced with allergens, harmful bacteria and other damaging pathogens each day, an immunity boost is very helpful in keeping your dog healthy. The Immune Dog supplement utilizes antioxidants and probiotics to improve nutrition and provide a powerful shield to keep your dog in great health regardless of his surroundings.


Can I afford dog supplements?

While doing a bunch of guesswork to see which products will or won’t improve your dog’s health, the bills can definitely add up. Figuring out proper ratios and combinations can be a spendy venture, but keeping your dog’s health in tip-top shape can certainly save money on medical bills in the long run! To make sure you’re getting your money’s worth, pick pre-formulated dog supplements that have been approved by a reputable source. At K9POWER, we not only adhere to the strict requirements of the National Animal Supplement Council, but we employed a top animal nutrition specialist, Dr. George Fahey, to review all of our supplement formulas and ensure that every ingredient had a purpose and provided optimal nutrition for your pet. We also have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you don’t see results or are dissatisfied with your product in any way, we are happy to refund you. Finally, we offer free shipping on orders over $75 and discounts on combinations of products, so the answer is: yes, you can definitely afford to supplement your dog’s food.

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